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Kwikbolt Products


Technology Range

Our standard technology range of products includes 7 products: Hurricane, Lightning, Storm, Thunder, Eagle, Phantom and Kleko360, which all provide single-sided temporary fastener solutions for aerospace applications from 2.2mm (5/64 inch) to 25.4mm (1" inch) via lengths of 0.4mm (1/64 inch) to 152.4mm (6 inches). Most of our product ranges are available in both fully-flush (countersunk), ultra-low profile (3.5mm (0.137 inch)) and protruding head and can be ordered directly from us or via our distribution network. All our products provide doweling and clamping to ensure correct placement, maximum hold and are rated for 500 cycles.




Aerospace Fastener Solutions

We also provide a bespoke temporary blind fastener service to businesses with more specific requirements. We will design, manufacture, test and supply bespoke products, which undergo a stringent trial and evaluation process to ensure that the design meets all of our customers’ business challenges with the minimum number of versions. Once approved, this bespoke aerospace fastener is produced in volume to provide the build line with our fastener technology solution.

Our bespoke service can be requested via email, , and one of our engineers will contact you to discuss your requirements and start the process.

The information we need is:

- Diameter of holes
- Hole tolerance
- Lengths of doweling required (min / max)
- Grip ranges (min / max)
- Clamp loads requirements
- Head configuration
- Materials being clamped / dowelled
- Estimated quantities needed
- Estimated delivery date

Your new design will be with you in 2 weeks for an engineering review.




Kwikbolt provide a wide range of extras from accessories to service and maintenance support to customer around the world.