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Kwikbolt Design


The Kwikbolt range is built around a number of globally patented designs, which are at the core of our ongoing success. The design was originally created for Europe’s largest aerospace company, specified to meet the challenge of a high performance (shear, load and clamping) temporary blind fastener that is functional in both automation and manual insertion and extraction.

Kwikbolt’s product range provides dowelling and clamping to ensure correct placement and maximum hold, covering all hole sizes and depths, as well as providing a range of heads from fully-flush to protruding. Kwikbolt’s ability to use new technologies and innovative designs to create both bespoke and standard products that deliver high performance is what makes us unique.

Kwikbolt’s custom fastener design process allows us to fulfill all of our customers’ bespoke requirements and meet any fastener challenge we are presented with. Our aerospace fasteners allow for quick release and work as blind-bolt fasteners that are fully reusable (up to 500 times). Our patented design allows for large grip ranges and high performance, giving our customers the freedom to use a minimal range of Kwikbolts to cover a maximum range of holes. This, combined with our custom fastener design service for bespoke versions of Kwikbolt products allows us to fulfil all of our customers’ requirements and meet any fastener challenge we are presented with.