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Revolutionary Single-Sided Temporary Fasteners


Kwikbolt is a revolutionary single sided temporary fastener (SSTF) manufactured for use within the aerospace and defence industry, designed to be used blind and meeting the tight tolerance and high performance requirement. Kwikbolt’s aerospace fastener product range was originally designed for Europe’s largest aerospace company, Kwikbolt has been developed to provide a complete single-sided temporary fastener solution for use across many industries. Kwikbolt delivers a temporary fastener range available on a global scale using modern technology and materials from our internationally patented designs.

Our blind bolt fasteners allow customers to benefit from temporary fasteners that are reusable, firmly placing Kwikbolt at the cutting edge of fastener technology. Our high performance product range reduces labor activity and improves the quality of the assembly processes while providing doweling and clamping from a single side. 


Kwikbolt Business and Products Overview